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               "Bicycle parking"


    Do you want to launch a new product or to attract more attention to the old one? Global Rise Group LLC will create a product concept specifically for you. We offer:

  • Implementing your idea starting from scratches

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  • High-quality image visualization of the product


   We create product design that gives customers a clear and engaging view of your product. Our services include:

  • Product design calculation according to your requirements, from idea developing to its implementation

  • Creating of visual and animation products for advertising purposes, social networks and video platforms

  • Preparation of the design products for 3D printing

  • Preparation of the construction and engineering documentation on product manufacturing (exploded-view drawings, ergonomic schemes, sembling diagrams of the product, technical drawings, recovery schemes)

  • 3D modeling and visualization of the product in the environment

  • Quality control of the whole manufacturing process

  • Сompliance of the manufactured products with technical specifications and requirements of the customer

  • Product design from scratch to final project design solution


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Велопарковка4v v103.jpg

    Bicycle parking is designed for location near entertainment centers and hypermarkets.  The shaping of the bicycle parking is based on the bionic shape of a willow leaf, which emphasizes conciseness, lightness and smoothness of the used forms.


    Application of electronic locks is the main feature of the bicycle parking. User receives a card and an electronic lock from the automatic machine, payment is made in cash or via mobile phone. Electronic lock is inserted into rigid frame of the bike rack and fixed after swiping the card in card identification area so the lock is closed. To open it is necessary to attach the card to the electronic lock and swipe it in the identification area so the lock opened. Lock must be returned to the automatic machine for battery recharge after using. Additional wheel fixation by user lock and reliability of the electronic lock allow to enjoy ease and safety of the parking area.


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Project "Cable car cabin"   

Project:«Cable car cabin»
Project: «Cable car cabin»
Project: «Cable car cabin»
Project: «Cable car cabin»
Project: «Cable car cabin»

     Cable car cabin with carrying capacity of 240 kg for 3 persons is designed for use in the city park area. The cabin is equipped with a rounded soft seat, which provides maximum visibility and comfort of landing with unfamiliar people. The cabin is glazed for maximum visibility and equipped with an additional "rotation" function. Rotation occurs inside the cabin due to the mechanism located at the cabin bottom part.

Perforation of the side parts and ventilation openings provide a favorable climate inside the cabin. Footboard allows quickly leave the cabin, as well as quickly get inside. The backlight line provides illumination at night.



1. Footboard

2. Floor covering

3. LED lamp

4. Door silicone pads

5. Handrail

6. Door grid

7. Seat

8. Seat back (roll)

9. Connecting rod

10. Railing fastening element

11. Silicone element

12. Framework (petals)

13. Centre girder

14. Door fastening element

15. Longeron

16. Ventilation grille

17. Cabin ceiling

18. Railings


1. Steel

2. Aluminum

3. Leather

4. Titanium

5. Tinted glass

6. Silicone

7. Rubber

Проект  кресло2.jpg
Проект  кресло4.jpg

Project "Portable folding chair"


   The folding chair is designed to use both at home and outdoors. Design of the chair consists of modular elements connected by hinges.

    Peculiarity of the chair lies in ergonomic fit and compactness. Each user can adjust modularity of the chair to fit the posture. Also, it is possible to adjust the inclination angle of each element.

   Water cooling system which provides cooling of all structural elements can be applied on hot days. Water flows through flexible tubes from one element to another. A compact workplace and place for rest are combined in an innovative object.


1. Modular element

2. Fixation handle

3. Axis element

4. Connecting element (bag hanger)

5. Hinge

6. Housing for the cooler

7. Tube

8. Water cooler

Графика кабинет.jpg

Project "Complete solution of design objects for dental office: patient chair, dentist chair, tool trolley."


Project "Complete solution of design objects for dental office: patient chair, dentist chair, tool trolley."



1. Head restraint

2.Pillow (head position adjustment)

3. Head restraint fastening

4. Head restraint protective element

5. Seat back

6. Fastener protective element

7. Seat

8. Seat pad (soft seat)

9. Handrail

10. Footboard fixing element

11. Footboard protective element

12. Height adjuster

13. Incline adjuster

14. Footboard base

15. Footboard

Functional scheme

Графика 9.jpg

  Dental office equipment set consists of three objects: patient chair, dentist chair, tool trolley, that allow to achieve high-quality service. Patient chair is equipped with control buttons for adjustment of seat and head restraint position. Footboard length also changes in order to serve patients of different heights.

  Chair arm can be adjusted by 30 degree incline. Dentist chair is equipped with comfortable handrails that rotate around the chair axis by 360 degrees. Handrails are fixed at the bottom part. Handrails can be moved, if needed, that insures comfortable work for doctor. Doctor also has the ability to adjust inclination level of the chair and adjust the height.

   Tool trolley equipped with one rotation axis for pulling out drawers in two directions that allows optimizing doctor's work area due to the close tools arrangement.

Ergonomic scheme


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