Who we are

Global Rise Group LLC is a values-driven organization. Our values reflect the thinking of our founders, Anastasiia Samkova, and Andrew Rybalka, who are a major force in shaping the company.


The mission of our company is built on the principle “knowledge is power”. Only by having the necessary knowledge are we able to make conscious actions towards business development. For our company, consciousness means: sustainable development, responsibility, and trust.


Modern world is diverse and extremely fast in its development, that’s why we use the best knowledge and skills for the performance of the most difficult tasks.


Our values are oriented on:


Focus on the client’s interests first and foremost

We understand our responsibility to perform our tasks:

  • On high quality level

  • In a prompt manner

  • Bona fide


Corporate   social  consciousness

While growing, we want our community to develop with us, because we all are the members of a global system, which is bigger than only ourselves.


Science and hi-tech as a way to the better future

We are constantly combining new ideas, innovative approaches, and groundbreaking research to come up with new business solutions and to move forward efficiently.


Smart   corporate    culture

We respect diversity and freedom of expression. Global Rise Group is a gender-balanced company. We create a corporate environment that empowers women and enables them to be successful at the workplace.

We use a free communication approach, without borders and closed doors, which makes our employees creative and productive.


Environment  protection

Clean and healthy environment is what everyone deserves. We take part in environment protection programs and prefer to do business with companies that understand the importance of being eco-friendly.



  • specialized & higher (MBA) education, awards

  • creativity

  • Fortune 500 & 7 figures + clients' turnover

  • own business experience

  • turnkey developing business

  • critical thinking

  • business communication

  • results-driven

  • time management

  • 24/7/365 constant growth

  • 5-stars reviews


We'll help you to grow your business in the digital space, became successful and profitable on:

1. Global marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Shopify, etc.

2. Social networks: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube


We provide a range of business services to help you to solve your problems in such areas, as:



  • Amazon Marketing

  • Market research & competitors analysis

  • Development of marketing strategy

  • Definition of the concept of promotion: a combination of analytics, economics, psychology, ideology

  • Building long-term sales channels and marketing communications, an increase in the number of loyal customers

  • Amazon PPC, Facebook, Instagram advertising

  • Social Media Management: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube


Creative   work:

  • NFT characters and collections creation

  • Product listings for US, Canada, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES and Australia

  • A+ / EBC content creation

  • Adds, video production

  • 2D animations

  • 3D models, rendering, animation

  • Products photography & social media content



  • E-commerce business consultations / Amazon, Team Building, Project Management

  • Business and web representation audit

  • Set up & management of online stores Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Shopify, Wish, etc

  • Marketplaces' intellectual properties & complaints: legal help, suspensions appeals

  • Business processes automation, identification of the well-suited software, CRM systems implementation

  • Creation of individual solutions in accordance with the client’s requirements

Our values

Business strategy and the philosophy
of Global Rise Group focus on long-term partnership,
as the desired outcome and success depends on this.

Our mission

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems.
We build our firm around that belief.

Our slogan



Our team will advise you on how to improve your business structure to:

  • Manage your business in a more effective way and achieve high economic performance.

  • Optimize your marketing communications.

  • Maximize leads and sales.

  • Deliver integrated customer experience.

  • Encourage customer loyalty and, as a result, your profit.


STRATEGIC  PLANNING  SESSION (business  planning)

To build competitive business strategy, we will help you with:

  • Developing a vision and mission of your company.

  • Conducting omnichannel business analysis using such tools as SWOT, OKR, PEST analysis.

  • Economic calculation of your business model (trademark, brand, services), including evaluation of your activities and business receipts.

  • Achieving competitive service provision, pricing model, and logistics.

  • Selecting and managing different marketing channels.

  • Business processes automation.

  • Creation of standard operating procedure (SOP) instructions for your business.

  • Team building, providing training and mentoring to your team.


BRANDING  &  POSITIONING   ANALYSIS (marketing strategy)

While building your marketing strategy, Global Rise Group LLC gathers data relating to:

  • Short- and long-term objectives you want to achieve.

  • Effective budgeting of each social media channel.

  • Areas in which you could improve your performance.

  • Methods to attract and retain your target audience.

  • Techniques to get the attention of your principal decision-makers.

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